Toyota Transportation Co., Ltd.


and Mission

Company History

1952 December In order to facilitate smoother sales and transportation of vehicles, the transportation department of Toyota Motor Corporation spun off and established Toyota Rikuso Co., Ltd. with a capital of 5 million yen, and established its head office in Sasashimacho, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya.
1953 January Began business activities.
1959 March Began car carrier transportation.
1962 April Began service vehicle maintenance operations.
December Began sea transportation with PCC ships.
1967 January Changed the company name from Toyota Rikuso Co., Ltd. to Toyota Transportation Co., Ltd.
1970 November Relocated the head office to Motomachi, Toyota City.
1972 August Became a Designated Automobile Maintenance Facility.
1973 March Opened the Kamigo Maintenance Factory.
1982 March Began used vehicle and rental vehicle transportation operations.
1983 December Received authorization to provide security services.
1984 December Began vehicle parts packaging operations.
1987 January Introduced a logistics information management system.
1992 September Began parts transportation operations to remote areas of Japan.
November Introduced an operation management system that uses in-vehicle devices.
2000 January Began car carrier leasing operations.
2002 September Began wrap guard application operations.
October Established new guiding principles.
December Celebrated the 50th anniversary of our founding.
2003 January ISO 14001 certification acquired by the Kamigo Maintenance Center.
July Held Toyota Transportation’s 50th anniversary commemorative concert.
August Began capital participation in Tianjin Fengtian Logistics Co., Ltd. (TFL).
October Opened the Wakinosato Shokawa Training Institute in Takayama, Gifu.
December Began capital participation in Toyota Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TTT).
2004 July Introduced TLEP (the Toyota Transport Group Logistics Education Program).
November Opened the Shinmoji Vehicle Distribution Center.
2005 March Won Toyota Motor Corporation’s Cost Improvement Excellence Award.
August Began transporting Lexus vehicles.
November Toyota Transportation’s first large innovative vessel Toyofujimaru entered service.
December Won the 2005 Japan Quality Award.
2006 July Established Toyota Transportation Tohoku Center Co., Ltd.
August Established Toyota Lujie Transportation Co., Ltd. (TLT).
October Toyota Longpass Express, run by JR*, began operations.
December Established Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Transportation Co., Ltd. (GTT)
2008 August Commissioned for auditing service for Daihatsu Motor’s imported vehicles.
2010 February Established Toyota Logistics Kishor India Pvt. Ltd. (TLKI).
April Merged three subsidiaries in the Chubu region into Toyota Transportation Chubu Co., Ltd.
  Merged two subsidiaries in the Kanto region into Toyota Transportation Kanto Co., Ltd.
2012 September Opened the Miyagi Logistics Center.
December Celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding.
2013 June Established Toyota Transport Furlong Argentina S.A. (TTFA).
2015 April Introduced a transport instruction and management system (VLC) that utilizes smartphone technology.
July Opened the Hiroshima Logistics Center.
2017 September Established PT. Toyota Logistra Pingloka Indonesia (TLPI).